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October 30, 2017

As a massive rebuilding effort looms in the Wine Country in the wake of the recent wildfires, a big question remains: Who is going to do the work? According to experts, finding a construction crew in the area was already extremely difficult even before thousands of structures were leveled in the infernos.

That's despite jobs in the trades offering substantial pay and, given the lack of skilled workers, good job security. You can see for yourself in the above gallery that shows salaries for jobs in the trades offered by the city of San Francisco Department of Human Resources.

Why is there such a shortage? Simply put, young people tend not to go into the trades. A recent poll found that a mere 3 percent of  young adults who knew what...

July 13, 2017

A family of at least two people who collectively earn $138,000 or less per year will likely soon qualify for one tier of San Francisco's affordable housing that would allow them to buy a home unit, following Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting. 

Under the city's previous policy, last updated in 2002, only those who earned 55 percent of the typical San Francisco median household income or less were able to utilize the option to buy affordable housing, per ABC. With the new proposal, families of at least two who are together earning up to 150 percent of San Francisco's median income can take advantage of that amendment.

Based on the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development median salary outlines, that means any fami...

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