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The Residential Builders Association is dedicated to improving conditions and enhancing the common interest of the construction industry in San Francisco.






The Residential Builders Association of San Francisco is an organization whose members encompass all aspects of the construction industry; Builders, Contractors, Suppliers, Architects, Engineers, Realtors, Attorneys and more.

- Promoting solidarity among members.

- Delivering strong representation to government and client bodies on a local and regional level.

- Analyzing and disseminating legislation and policies relevant to construction industry.

- Best practice advice- developing and recommending standards for improving performance and quality.

- Actively participating in our local community by organizing charity events.





The Residential Builders Association - founded in the summer of 1976 -began as a coalition of mostly Irish Contractors working together to improve conditions within the local construction industry. A strong need for local advocacy was identified and the Association quickly evolved.  The Residential Builders Association continues to be a member– driven organization, representing all of the San Francisco construction and related industries.








The Residential Builders Association has become advocates for the construction industry by engaging in many policy issues such as:






  • Eastern Neighborhood Program: Rezoning 2,200 acres of the city for housing and mixed use.


  • Public Utilities Commission: in 2007 the RBA actively engaged in a process which resulted in a new Waste Water Capacity fee structure. A tiered fee program imposed on the installation of existing and new water services.


  • Department of Building Inspection: 2006 & 2007 members of the RBA were invited to be members of the BPR Committee whose primary focus was to reform the permitting and inspection process of the Department.


  • Planning Department: Engaged as stakeholders in the DR Reform Process.


  • Department of Parking & Traffic: (ongoing) Reform of the Safe Path of Travel program which insures public and sidewalk safety surrounding building projects and developments; to ensure equal and fair enforcement of the Program.


  • Actively involved in the economic analysis of Inclusionary Housing Legislation on small projects.


In addition the RBA members partake in regular stakeholder groups as well as advocating for members at public hearings.






As San Francisco residents, RBA members have a vested interest in supporting and improving San Francisco’s local community with such endeavors as:

  • Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser– each year the Association hosts a full day fundraising event partnering with a selected local charity


  • The RBA supports many local charity organizations in the areas of:

  • Immigrant Rights

  • Youth Sports

  • Educational Programs

  • Equality Groups

  • Arts and Cultural Endeavors

  • Tenants Rights Groups

  • Non – Profit Organizations for the care of people with disabilities

If you need to contact the RBA please call 4152521900

Or email at:

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